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Did you know that thousands of t-shirts get thrown away every day? Most of them are perfectly fine to wear. Recent studies have shown that over ten percent of t-shirts that get thrown away still even have the tags on them. Did you know this? Well, you do now.

                Not only do you now know, but I don’t think you’ll ever forget these statistics because they are just strange and slightly shameful. This t-shirt is a celebration and dirge for this grand consumer waste, waste that is le plus haut calibre. We apologize for nothing with our shirt, [WASTE], and encourage you to not only purchase it, but to wear it in stark defiance to all of those around you who, in their own lives, have thrown away perfectly fine shirts for no reason.

                [WASTE] is a celebration/dirge, but we, the artist collective behind it, tried to make the shirt an embodiment of the concept. We have addressed the art/design w/r/t concept in a sense intégrité. The design is printed on a brand new shirt that is shipped directly to us. These shirts are mailed to us in sterile, plastic bags, which we measure. Each plastic bag weighs the .95 oz., about the same as a slice of bread. It is a [WASTE] that we throw away this plastic bag that could be reused.

We then print on the shirt, using direct-to-garment printing. I’m not going to talk about the waste involved in that but I can send you some academic studies on the subject for you to pursue on your leisure, un lecture légère.

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[WASTE] is by far the greatest design we have ever created and if you cannot appreciate it for the concept, the aesthetic, or the visage, we suggest you leave because you just do not get it and, ∴, you should not get it. 

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